October 23, 2016

heartbroken (again)

Assalamualaikum Well hello there. Its been awhile since I updated my blog. And yeah i always come here for a reason cause my blog is always my diary. Well actually I met this one guy, I won't tell his name since I respect him till now. He's really a nice and thoughtful guy. Actually everything is my fault. Its all my fault. Maybe we have some misunderstanding here. I dont like you or have feelings towards you or you're giving me hope. I told ya that im afraid that "I WILL LIKE YOU ONE DAY". Well maybe the way i said it wrongly or I chose the wrong terms. But no I don't like you thay way. I like you as a friend of mine. Well thats okay. I was apologizing to you like thousands time and you said its okay la just forget it la. And you said you were fucking okay and i thought you were okay. And the problem now is YOU ARE FUCKING NOT OKAY. You changed. You are not treating me like you used to. I know its my fault but YOU SAID YOU WERE OKAY. And now you changed and you are IGNORING me. And it really hurts me so bad that I cried. I cant believe I cried because of you but I DONT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO ME. YOU PROMISED NOT TO LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU PROMISED TO ALWAYS SUPPORT ME. No I cant believe it happening to me again. And now my heart is broken again. I donf think I can see your name. I know its my fault i admitted it but look how you're treating me. Im done. So dont contact me ever again. I shouldn't unblock you at a first place. Please go away. I dont need you. Bye.


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