February 07, 2018

November 27, 2017


There was this one girl,
who was surrounded by her families and friends,
nothing about love ever crossed her mind,
she thought that is all the loves she need,
she thought that is all the loves she want,
from her families and friends,
because she thought she is to young to be loved,
to feel loved,
or even to love.
And this one girl,
who never thought she is the prettiest,
never thought she is flawless,
never thought she is perfect,
never thought she is someone a guy wants,
her confidence and self-esteem never reach positive values,
with all her friends around her,
she knows she is the last person for guys to look.
That is why she kept herself, and never open to any guys,
and no guys want to reach her.
Until this one day,
she felt alone, she thought she was left alone, she did not know how to reach her friends, she thought all her friends forgot her.
She challenged herself.
To find someone, to learn how to love, and to feel love, from the opposite creation of hers.
She found this one guy, who was a long-lost friend, and they contacted back.
That was the beginning of all.
She was happy.
She was excited.
She started to feel love.
She started to be loved.
She started to love.
Without his concerns.
She kept it all.
But she did not ready physically and mentally.
Something happened.
She broke.
She cried.
She hurt.
She tried everything to fix it.
But nothing works.
She blamed herself.
She said sorry.
She tried and wanted to make it right.
But without realizing at first he was wrong.

November 01, 2017


Assalamualaikum. Hey guys whaddup whaddup. How have you been? Weh,, its already a year since my last post! Oh my god i cannot believe i left my blog for such a long time. I miss you guys too! For anyone who have been reading my blog all the time, I thank you all from the deepest of my heart. I know you guys are missing me. So here I am, back to you guys. Duh, I am already twenty and ready to get married! Nah im kidding. No one wants me! Hahaha. Well, I was sad about the fact that I never have my first love till now! But I decided to love myself and spend more time on my own, family and friends. I tried to love someone, and find someone to love me. But it turned out no one loves me! Nah its okay maybe its not the right time for me to be clingy and sweet to someone. I have to focus on my degree. Yeah btw guys, I am in my second year of bachelor. Yup, I am taking engineering. Lol. So I will try to update my blog more frequent and I am sorry if I messed up my words. Its been awhile since the last time I blog. Till next time. Ciao!

October 23, 2016

heartbroken (again)

Assalamualaikum Well hello there. Its been awhile since I updated my blog. And yeah i always come here for a reason cause my blog is always my diary. Well actually I met this one guy, I won't tell his name since I respect him till now. He's really a nice and thoughtful guy. Actually everything is my fault. Its all my fault. Maybe we have some misunderstanding here. I dont like you or have feelings towards you or you're giving me hope. I told ya that im afraid that "I WILL LIKE YOU ONE DAY". Well maybe the way i said it wrongly or I chose the wrong terms. But no I don't like you thay way. I like you as a friend of mine. Well thats okay. I was apologizing to you like thousands time and you said its okay la just forget it la. And you said you were fucking okay and i thought you were okay. And the problem now is YOU ARE FUCKING NOT OKAY. You changed. You are not treating me like you used to. I know its my fault but YOU SAID YOU WERE OKAY. And now you changed and you are IGNORING me. And it really hurts me so bad that I cried. I cant believe I cried because of you but I DONT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT TO ME. YOU PROMISED NOT TO LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU PROMISED TO ALWAYS SUPPORT ME. No I cant believe it happening to me again. And now my heart is broken again. I donf think I can see your name. I know its my fault i admitted it but look how you're treating me. Im done. So dont contact me ever again. I shouldn't unblock you at a first place. Please go away. I dont need you. Bye.

March 06, 2015


Assalamualaikum. Hey korang. Hmm. Hari ni kan. Hari sangat yang menyedihkan. Banyak kali juga la habuk masuk mata sampai merah mata ni. Hahaha. Aku hanya nak diaorang tahu yang aku sangat sayangkan diaorang. See ya

March 01, 2015

Challenge accepted!

Assalamualaikum, semua. Sihatt? hahahaha. Alhamdulillah wa sihat je. Jadi, ni post pertama untuk tahun 2015. Lupa sesangat nak update. Hahahaha. Esok 3/3, keputusan SPM 2014 akan keluar. Memang lah dalam diri ni bagai nak gila fikir apa akan jadi esok, apa keputusan aku. Tapi, kita kena tahu, semua keputusan yang kita dapat, semua atas usaha kita dan ketentuan Illahi. Kita tak boleh nak mempertikaikan atau buruk sangka dengan rezeki yang diberikan. Mungkin, rezeki kita bukan dekat SPM, jadi lek brader. Kau bersyukur dengan segala keputusan yang kau bakal dapat. Kau tak akan mati pun kalau keputusan kau teruk. entah-entah, dengan keputusan kau tu, kau akan lagi menghidupkan diri kau. Allah tahu apa yang terbaik diri kau. Kalau kau nak menyesal boleh, tapi berpada-pada. Kalau kau nak menangis boleh, berpada-pada. Kalau kau tak nak bercakap boleh, berpada-pada. Kalau kau nak berseorangan boleh, berpada-pada. Kalau kau nak gembira pun boleh, berpada-pada. Jangan melampau sangat. Orang lain pun ada hati dan perasaan. Kalau kau tak berjaya sekarang, tunjukkan kau boleh berjaya kelak. Jangan lupa minta Allah panjangkan umur kau supaya kau dapat berja satu hari nanti. Jangan pula Allah panjangkan umur kau, dosa pula bertambah. Sebelum ambil keputusan : Banyakkan istighfar. Jangan lupa diri. Doa bebanyak.Doa supaya Allah tenangkan diri kita. Doa supaya Allah kuatkan kita untuk terima segala keputusan. Doa supaya Allah sabarkan diri kita. Doa supaya Allah memberi kita keredhaan dan redha dengan keputusan kita. Sebelum pergi sekolah, solat dhuha okay. Selepas ambil keputusan : Tak kisah la keputusan kau baik/kurang baik brader, semua tu Allah dah tentukan. Jadi, jangan lupa ucapkan Alhamdulillah. Kalau boleh, sujud syukur. Kalau boleh, solat sunat syukur. Kau jangan lupa diri. Lepas dah berterima kasih dekat Allah, jumpa/telefon ibubapa kau. Bagitahu diaorang keputusan kau. Jangan simpan. Diaorang berhak tahu. Tiada ibubapa yang kecewa dengan anak-anak dia. Ucap terima kasih dekat diaorang. Cium tangan diaorang. Lepas dah berterima kasih dekat ibubapa, jumpa cikgu-cikgu. Cium tangan diaorang. Cakap terima kasih sebab sanggup mengajar korang. Suruh diaorang halalkan segala ilmu yang telah diaorang berikan dan minta maaf kalau ada yang terasa. Lepas dah berterima kasih dekat cikgu-cikgu, jumpa la kawan-kawan korang. Jangan ucapkan tahniah atas keputusan yang diaorang dapat. Ucapkan tahniah atas kejayaan mereka dapat menghabiskan SPM dengan baik dan ucapkan tahniah atas segala yang dilalui bersama dan ucapkan tahniah atas kekuatan mereka untuk mengaharungi dugaan dan ucapkan terima kasih kerana sanggup bersama-sama dengan kau meraih kejayaan. Okay? Aku tak tahu la membantu ke tak, tapi aku doakan kita berjaya dunia dan akhirat. Kepada kawan-kawan aku, terima kasih kerana sentiasa bersama aku dikala susah dan senang. Lima tahun yang sangat berharga bagi aku. Kita menimba ilmu sesama. Terima kasih korangggggg. See ya. Assalamualaikum.

September 09, 2014


"Attaching to one people"
is hurt
"Having a best friend"
is hurt
"Liking someone"
is hurt
"Loving a boy/girl"
is hurt
"Making a lot of friends"
is hurt

"I would rather live alone than getting hurt"